Local Restaurant Supporting Local Bakery!

Here at Nantucket, we supply bread and pastries for various business’s in the Grand Rapids Area. Those business’s are: Founders Brewing Company, The Electric Cheetah, Rockwell/Republic, O’tooles Public House, The Uncle Cheetah Soup Shop, The Winchester, Stella’s Lounge, The Grand Rapids Brewing Co, Brewery Vivant, The JW Marriot, Perrin Brewing Co, Ramona’s Table, The Elk Brewing, The Trailhead Cafe, The Mitten, and Nonna’s Cafe.

Stella’s Lounge

The Winchester

Rockwell Republic

The Electric Cheetah

Founders Brewing Company

Otooles Public House

Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop

The Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Brewery Vivant

Nonna Cafe

Perrin Brewing Company

The Mitten Brewery

Elk Brewery

The Trailhead Cafe

Ramona’s Table